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2023 F1 Midfield Tales – Alpha Tauri carrying all the chips to Vegas!

'F 1 Midfield Tales' will be a combination of data and analysis that will aim to dissect the uber-competitive midfield of F1' 2023 United States, Mexico City, and São Paulo Grand Prix Preface Last Sunday was the culmination of what was the final triple header of the 2023 Formula 1 championship which began with the United States Grand Prix on the 20th of October. The triple-header proved pivotal in the championship resulting in a major reshuffle of positions in the standings. Let's take a look at how the three events unfolded. The United States Grand Prix The F1 paddock was treated with the usual but always extraordinary American flare. The weather was clear throughout the weekend and thus the Texan sun was beating down assisting the air and track temperatures to be on the higher end. Even though the layout is now familiar to the teams, the track always has something up its sleeve in the form of bumps on the surface. The geological phenomenon of subsidence had introduced